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"Reuniting The NX-01 Crew". To keep her safe, some monks used a spell to make her a human and altered the memories of everyone else. More interested in makeup and clothing, Harmony was a background player in some rather idiotic bits for comedy. She showed up in the opening as a seemingly innocent teenager being pulled into dangeronly to turn out to be a vampire feasting on a teenaged boy. Cordelia was head cheerleader and queen bee of Sunnydale High, wicked with one-liners and put-downs and a sassy attitude. Her biggest part has been the nutcase hacker Root on the acclaimed drama Person of Interest that showed more of her sexy side off. The dark hair flows back to show her bright smile and a face that still seems ageless. Some played down their age to be teenagers while others were being centuries old. More than 100 people are working together on this every day and we haven't had one argument. She got a major boost thanks to Harmony, showing off a very hot side, including a Playboy spread. Caulfield has appeared in numerous TV shows since, notably the Blind Witch on Once Upon a Time. Despite her short size, she packed in enough punch, believable in the fight scenes as well as handling the dramatic moments as well. For this spread in Rolling Stone, the photographers decided to have fun by having the Slayer take on a vampy look.

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Mercedes McNab had been notable as a child star in the Addams Family movies and other shows. Dinah Eng, "Even a Vulcan has to question arranged marriage Gannett News Service. The show soon pushed Anya and Xander as a couple with Anya shown having no tact, leading to funny lines and very hot scenes. Buffy the vampire slayer sex pics. It made Joss Whedon a cult icon and acclaimed for its fantastic mix of horror, comedy and drama.

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