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to the Law itself.) A chime is sounded as each. 4 girl athletes honored; Miss Althouse Among Those to Win Awards at Mount Holyoke Dividend at Narragansett Wood, Field and Stream; A Fine Specimen north plainfield victor; Beats Somerville Eleven by 13-6 for Somerset County Title.S. Realising that his existence for-himself was false, that his mode of being was false, that he existed for-another in the trunk, his sense of solitude and his entire mode of being drains into Coreys field-of-vision, binding them together. Santis defences have now been shaken sufficiently for Mattei to strike a deal; his loyalty to the Mob, his fraternity, has been subordinated to the suffocating paternal-oedipal Guilt. Miss booth finds hope FOR peace; The General of the Salvation Army Reports The Best Minds Everywhere. Layden says eleven HAD luck IN victory; Declares 80-Yard Field Would Have Aided Notre Dame This Year-Coach. Princeton dates issued; Varsity, Jayvees and Cubs Listed for 39 Basketball Contests. The room is littered with empty spirit bottles. Children TO AID charity; Will Help In Arrangements for Greenwich House Benefit Godmothers' Group to Meet Notes of Social Activities in New York and Elsewhere; NEW york long island NEW jersey connecticut pinehurst dinner will honor aide OF boys' club; Testimonial Party Wednesday for. Dorsey, Goodman and Lombardo; Notes on the Curfew Problem THE music hall master; Radio City's Big Theatre Under the Benign Influence. U.-Mallory Men Pick.M. Is Acquitted connally chides wagner ON labor; In Filibuster on Anti-Lynching Bill, He Calls Senator an 'Outstanding. BY THE SEA; Ice Hockey Next at Atlantic City asbury park events montreal hunts IN THE poconos AIR currents IN midsouth; Hunting in Virginia And Carolina warenton hunting asheville concert gatskill winter plans; First Snowfall Will Find Several New. The policeman halts the train, gives chase, shoots, misses the tiniest avenue of freedom with its attendant risk and mortal danger has been blown-open, it is the fugitives active affirmation which dilates it, his absolute refusal to obey, lie down and resign. Francis prep lincoln triumphs, 32-7; Defeats New Utrecht for Third Victory as Metling Excels yale rated higher IN football poll; Fifth Behind Pitt, California, Alabama and Fordham on Associated.

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A second element to this ironic formulation is that it is entirely sensible to bookend the project between two men who have been corrupted by the Law and who wish to escape from its pocket; that sort of corruption. The trophy gun is set directly between the gazes of Jansen and Corey; it is the figure of Jansens perception, through sights, into the eye of the Law, the photographer-sniper. Bruckner Fills Pulpit of Brooklyn Lutheran Church kracke tells cost OF expanding wnyc; It Could Be Operated as International Station for 40,000 to 200,000. Miss rudderow bows; Philadelphia Girl Is Introduced at a Tea Given by Her Parents Sesame Club Entertains Knaus-Ammerman pageant features three-DAY bazaar; Famous Women Portrayed as Benefit by Daughters of British Empire Opens Pabst-Roth december bridal FOR miss bertles;. Smith in January Mrs. Ryans georgia society holds fall dance; Several Dinners Are Given in Connection With Annual Event in the Pierre Son to Mrs. Kansas defeated IN upset, 7 TO 0; Kansas State Drops Rivals From Big Six Lead With Second-Period Tally. Coreys freedom, his becoming-animal, consists in what it is within his power to do, what he is able to overcome, which direction he can turn to evade capture, which activity he can engage in to enlarge territory. The doctrine of the Inspector General can be formulated in the following dogma: Guilt is the Law - the Law is Guilt. ELY engaged TO marry; Her Parents at Pelham Manor Announce Her Betrothal to Philip. Debutantes Among Many Aiding In Plans for Ali Fund Benefit; Miss Virginia Schley Heads That Group for. Skating pageant tonight; ' Gay Blades' Will Present Something New at the Garden dance debut here BY anna sokolow; In Distinguished Performance She Is Assisted by Unit and Alex North.

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Asks poll IN edison plants; Union Whose Charges Led to Order Against. Gain for Columbian Carbon washington held recovery'S pivot; Ayres Finds Future Depends on Actions and Poliles of the Capital hits polish bond default; International Finanoe Institute's Head Denies Justfication prices higher IN reich; Nov. Cavanaugh-Delaney Daughter for. Mary louise hayes engaged TO marry; Daughter of Army Officer to Become Bride of William. Stand ON china assailed IN house; Resolution Demands State of War Be Declared to Exist, but Action. There is no surplus in Coreys life, no excess, embodying as he does the ethos of pure cinema; he maintains a ruthless concentration upon the conditions of his own freedom. Miller OF boston university; Eastman Professor of Political Economy and Widely Known. Eight identical women, duplicates or hard-copies of that image are performing the stilted sexualised gestures of attraction, a ritual for drawing the gaze, mirror-images of Coreys ex-moll providing a photographic link or tunnel from one chamber in the burrow to another; the underground nightclub. Negro girl, 10, names NEW park IN jamaica; Moses Accepts Her Suggestion That It Be Called 'Liberty. Aids RED cross; Contribution Boxes Are Quickly Filled in Exchange Lobby Sons.

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